Friends.  Family.  Brothers, sisters.  I’ve news for you, the loyal listeners.  After some amiable and honest discussions, Andrew’s left the band to shore up some loose ends in his personal life.  We’re bummed, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


But, never fear!  Jay, Mike, and I are working hard on the next phase.  Phase two.  The sequel.  In broad daylight.  Starring Lou Diamond Phillips.  Keep posted.  Check back.  New music is on the way.


Get on the Good Foot

Things are busy.  We promise.  New things to come in the next couple weeks: Tunes!  Gigs!  Photos!  Art!  Show reviews!  Poorly crafted sarcasm!   In other news.  Listener poll: What should Night of Fire’s mascot be?  Submit your ideas in the comments section.   Also.  Holy crap.  Audiences, who we’ve … Continue reading

Shamrock Shakes?!

I’m pretty sure that Mike, Andrew, and I visited one of the circles of Hell this afternoon.  At least that’s what it felt like leaving the McDonalds outside their corporate offices in Oakbrook, today. The misson: Get decked out for the show on Friday at Quenchers. The verdict:  My God, … Continue reading


We recently spent most of a weekend recording.  It’s currently out for mixing and mastering, so check back soon.  If you want to take a stab at mixing things yourself, have at it!  We’ll have something for you before March 15th.  All in all recording wasn’t pretty, but it sounds … Continue reading

No! Cuban food!

Happy New Year, everybody.  Hope you’ve shaken off 2012 and are back on the ground, running for 2013.  I know we’re just warming up.  We played Silvie’s on Friday night.  Silvie, her husband, and the crew are some of the nicest people in Chicago.  Good times were had by all. … Continue reading